About Us:

The essence of Party Animalz is to promote great times and positive vibes via fun spirited dog clothing. The Animalz we've been privileged to befriend and make buds are endless in their capacity to bring us joy. As an expression of gratitude, we aim to offer a collection of radical dog gear paralleled in awesomeness by their personalities only.

Our Story:

Little is known about the early days of Bulbasaur Van Peeblez —“ Peebz” for short—but what I do know is that at just eight weeks old he was abandoned on the side of a road. Thankfully he was discovered and delivered to a local rescue where we were soon to be introduced. He was somewhere around 10 weeks old, less than two pounds, ear mite ridden, and desperately trying to shake a terrible kennel cough. In spite of all that, the moment we locked eyes life for me as I knew it was over. Since then his companionship and friendship have been nothing short of a blessing.

With Party Animalz, our hope is to come up with stuff that make people smile and that their pups feel and look awesome in! I understand dog clothing is not for everyone, but I'm also aware of people like myself with furry companions who love wearing clothes that bring out their inner wild child. Peebz has brought nothing but happiness into my life, and has inspired Party Animalz by his big personality, affinity for heavy metal, and uncanny eye for righteous animal garments.

Have a good time all the time!

Mariah n' Peebz